Wallpaper Submission Thread


Hey guys! Want to put your wallpaper inside Peacegate Desktop? If you don’t have access to Unreal Engine, this is the thread to go. Go ahead and post as many wallpapers as you’d like, just make sure that you own the rights to them and thus are authorized to give us permission to use them when we decide to.

Minimum resolution for your wallpaper is 1920x1080, though 2560x1440 is recommended. Wallpaper Assets also have metadata you can set to determine how they appear in the Desktop Settings UI, whether they’re unlocked by default, etc. In order for us to put the wallpaper into the game, we’ll need that info. We recommend using this template:

Wallpaper template

<wallpaper image here>

 - **Name:** My cool wallpaper
 - **ID (optional):** my_cool_wallpaper
 - **Unlocked by default?** yes/no
 - **How should the player unlock this wallpaper? (only required if not unlocked by default, please choose one or leave blank): As a lootable | as a mission unlock | as a skill unlock | through an in-game shop/package manager

Example wallpaper - unlocked by default

  • Name: Aurora
  • ID (optional): aurora
  • Unlocked by default? yes
  • How should the player unlock this wallpaper? N/A

Example wallpaper - not unlocked by default

  • Name: theShell - Triangles
  • ID (optional): theshell_001
  • Unlocked by default? no
  • How should the player unlock this wallpaper? as a mission unlock, after completing “Sentience Tries Out…”

Note: The ID value is an internal value. You don’t need to spexify it, if you don’t we’ll just create one for you based off the name you provide. The name is shown within the UI, the ID is just used in the save file to track whether the wallpaper is unlocked.

There’s no general format for an ID, but they NEED to be unique or it’ll break the game. So if someone took the ID you wanted, either choose another one or add a number to the end - like “theshell_001” does. If you have a bunch of consecutive wallpapers you want in a single pack, their IDs should be packname_xxx where packname is the name of your wallpaper pack and xxx is the number that represents the order in which the game should display your wallpaper. For example, theshell_001, theshell_002, theshell_003, etc.

Again, you can avoid this headache and give it to me if you’d like by simply not providing an ID. I’ll make one myself based on the display name, whether it’s in a package, and if there are other wallpapers with similar names/IDs.


  • Name: Sleep Eat Hack Repeat
  • ID (optional): JPwallCollection_001
  • Unlocked by default? no
  • How should the player unlock this wallpaper? In a later Mission as a Mission Unlock (You decide Mike)


  • Name: Don’t Worry! Be Happy!
  • ID (optional): JPwallCollection_002
  • Unlocked by default? yes