Trouble with Compiling

(Branson K.) #1

Hi. I have MonoGame 3.6 SDK installed, but am still having trouble with compiling The Peacenet in Visual Studio 2017. I keep getting the same error:

“> C:\Users\brans\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpccbf0bee923441768d97ee523cee32f2.proj(28,1): error MSB3202: The project file “C:\Users\brans\Downloads\the-peacenet-master\the-peacenet-master\peace-engine\WatercolorGames.Utilities\WatercolorGames.Utilities.csproj” was not found.** > Build Failure. Error: Failed to complete scanning on file ‘C:\Users\brans\Downloads\the-peacenet-master\the-peacenet-master\peace-engine\WatercolorGames.Utilities\WatercolorGames.Utilities.csproj’ **> C:\Users\brans\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpd9cb08655cc842c5aec4fb06bf3a06ac.proj(28,1): error MSB3202: The project file “C:\Users\brans\Downloads\the-peacenet-master\the-peacenet-master\peace-engine\PeaceEngine\PeaceEngine.csproj” was not found.”

Is it possible to download a compiled version? if not, Can you please provide information on what I did wrong or instructions on how to compile The Peacenet?

Thanks, Branson K.


Hi! We arent using MonoGame Anymore! You Need Unreal Engine


Also Download the newest Version Here

(Declan Hoare) #4

If you want to use peacenet monogame, you need to clone the repo recursively so you get peaceengine

(Branson K.) #5

I knew The Peacenet used Unreal Engine, but I couldn’t find the download for the updated version anywhere so I tried using the old one. :laughing: : TY for the link!