Introduce yourself


introduce yourself in the comments

(Andrew Lee) #2

Hello, i’m Alee and I like computer science

(Anna Mey) #3

Hello, I’m TheEdge and I’m an edge

(Tobias SN) #4

Hello. I’m that guy you talked to once


Hello i am JPlexer, I like Games and i report bugs to the Devs

(Declan Hoare) #6

hi every1 im new! my hobbys are writing operating systems in batch and watching youtube videos by danooct1 and osfirsttimer. Im trying to learn visual basic to create a new video game with a vast storyline (hint: it’s about hacking…:sunglasses:) but I also love programming in HTML and CSS, my favourite thing that i made is stupid boxes that shake around on the screen until i’ve typed 20 characters yeah real helpful.


“I’m just an adult man with a pet hermitcrab.” - Peter Griffin

In all seriousness, I’m just a guy who connects nodes and wires together in unreal engine and writes a tiny little bit of c++ code occasionally and somehow a game starts to come out of it

(Logan Lowe) #8

hey, i’m that kid that wanted in on the shiftos fame and ended up making shiftos my biggest rival for a while then it died