If Discourse doesn't stop trying to teach me how to use it I am going to freaked it

(Declan Hoare) #1

Every time this site gets reset it’s Discobot this Discobot that. Wish we could use any other forum software for a change.

(Tobias SN) #2

You can just ignore it. After a while, it should leave you alone.


I am not a fan of Discobot either. I will look in admin to see if I can kill it.

(discobot) #4

You cannot disable your lord and savior.


That’s what you think. Little did you know… I have administrative privileges too… [evil laughs]

Edit: A quick post to Discourse Meta and some time in the site settings and discobot has in fact been disabled. The machines haven’t taken over. Yet.


Huh. Turns out that discobot going sentient prompted the discourse overlords to make the site settings that allow you to disable discobot easier to find.